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Emergency Electrician South Dublin

Emergency Electrician South Dublin

Searching for an emergency call-out electrician in South Dublin and surrounding areas? EMG Electrical is the perfect choice. Our team is available to provide all services such as emergency electrical repairs, circuit repairs, light fitting, house rewiring, and much more.  

Electrical faults strike unexpectedly and pose potential hazards if left unattended. With the constant operation of various electrical devices in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, occasional breakdowns are unavoidable. Hence, prioritising regular repairs, servicing, and maintenance is imperative to ensure safety and uninterrupted functionality.

Our professional, reliable, fully insured, and registered electricians can resolve any issues within an efficient time manner. Not only do we offer fast reliable call-outs, but we also make them efficient and capable of lasting you a long time before any maintenance or repairs are needed.

Request an emergency call out by contacting us.  

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Electrician Callout

Electrician Callout

If your system isn’t working at its best, get one of our professionals to look at it. We can investigate and repair or replace any necessary parts.
Installation, repair or relocation of your light switches

Light Switch

Let our team handle the installation, repair or relocation of your light switches — from standard light switches to pull-cord switches and dimmers.
Socket Installation

Socket Installation

We can replace an existing socket in your home, or install a brand new switched socket (single or double) quickly and at an affordable rate.
House Rewiring

House Rewiring

Our team of skilled electricians are able to tackle any house rewiring job in a fast and efficient manner. Get a quote today for removing the old wiring and rewiring your home.

When something in your house is broken, we understand the need for an immediate fix. Faulty electrics can leave you without electricity, heating or possibly endanger your household, and such issues need to be addressed at once.

Similarly, if you are looking to make changes or require a new installation (sockets, lights, electric showers, thermostats and more), our electricians are committed to carrying out the work fast and at a consistently high standard of quality.

We are experienced in dealing with all the usual domestic electrical repairs and installations, as well as with the requirements of commercial customers. All our work is thoroughly tested to guarantee the safety of your property.

If you are looking for a trusted and licensed electrician in Dublin and surrounding counties to help you with upgrades or emergency services, give us a call today and we will be happy to provide a competitive quote.



If your system isn’t working at its best, get one of our professionals to look at it. We can investigate and repair or replace any necessary parts.



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Socket Installation

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House Rewiring

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Trustworthy and dependable emergency call-out electrician services in South Dublin.

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Our skilled electricians are not only approachable but also excel in communication on both personal and professional fronts. We work closely with you so you can understand the operations we carry out every step of the way.
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